Participants (lawyers) are asked to submit one electronic copy of their summary of pleadings. If you applied as a judge and your application has been accepted there is no need to submit any document prior the competition.

The summary of pleadings must contain the following parts, in the following order:

  • Cover page
  • Questions presented
  • Summary of pleadings

The front cover must have the following information: name of the court, name and edition of the competition, name of the case, name of the participants and their  position in the trial, as well as the university they are enrolled in.

Papers should not normally exceed 1000 words and must respect the following format: font Times New Roman, size 12, margins top, bottom, left, right – 2.5cm, line spacing – 1.5.

The footnotes shall only include references to books, articles etc. They shall not include explanations to the main text (sentences).

  • Correct footnote: Janis, Kay and Bradley (2008), p. 19.
  • Correct reference: Janis, Mark W./ Kay, Richard S./ Bradley, Anthony W., European Human Rights Law: Text and Materials, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press, 2008.

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