MOOT Courts 2017 Executive Committee

Project Manager

Miruna Stoian

is currently a member of the PR Department of the UN Youth Association of Romania, Bucharest Branch and has been a member of the Projects Department. She is a 4th year student at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest and would like to follow a BA in International Public Law. She has also been an intern at the International Court of Arbitration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and the Romanian Diplomatic Institute. She became a member of UN Youth Association since May, 2016 and started volunteering since the first year of college. She has participated at BISMUN 2016 as delegate and at UN Youth Summer School 2016 and has been writing several articles on the UN Youth blog, such as „Is Sudan using chemical weapons in its recent conflicts?” and „Russia withdraws signature from International Criminal Court’s (Rome) Statute”. She is particularly interested International Law and International Relations, EU Law, International Criminal Law and Human Rights Law. She enjoys travelling - as a way of education, writing – expecially on subjects of international matters. She accepted the challenge to coordinate Moot Courts 2017 as she would like to encourage the participants to have „the time of their life”, to get out of their comfort zone and wants to congratulate them for getting involved and wanting to make a difference.

Human Resources Coordinator

Yarina Laufer

is a third year law student at the College Juridique Franco-Roumain des Etudes Europeennes and the School of Law of the University of Bucharest. Her academic research interests are European Law, and International Dispute Settlement. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano, going out for karaoke and advocating for animal rights.

Public Relations Coordinator

Ada Maria Ileana

is one of the new members of the UN Youth Association of Romania and is part of the Projects Department of the Bucharest Branch. She is currently a first-year student at the National University of Defense “Carol the Ist” and dreams of a career in diplomacy. Even though she joined the UN Youth Association in October 2016, she started volunteering in high school where she organized and participated in several successful projects. Also, she organized the 2016 Freshman Prom of the Faculty of Security and Defense. Apart from her love for international relations and volunteer activity, Ada has a special place in her heart for singing and sometimes drawing and dancing. She enjoys heated debates with her friends and good laughs. She is a strong believer in the fact that “nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”.

Visual Identity Coordinator

Alexandru Dumitrache

is currently the Head of the PR Department at UN Youth Association of Romania – Bucharest Branch, working to get licensed in the Communication and Public Relations domain at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. With an interest in public speaking, graphic design, photography and traveling, along the years he participated in a lot of summer schools worldwide, he took part in many conferences that relate to the subject and he held a handful of speeches, one of them making him the Junior Mayor of District 6 of Bucharest. Until now, he coordinated everything related to the visual identity of the UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy 2016 and made sure that the participants are enchanted by the visual materials of the project. This year, he is the Visual Identity Coordinator of Bucharest International Student Model United Nations Conference 2017 and of MOOT Courts 2917 and he makes sure that the event acquires awareness at an international level, through all the available channels.

Administrative Coordinators

Mădălina Boț

is a new member of the UN Youth Association Romania, Bucharest branch and is currently holding responsibilities in the PR Department. A freshman of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest, she is passionate about every aspect inextricably connected with the international relations. On the grounds that she makes every endeavour to discover the intricacies involved by a career in diplomacy, she is genuiely interested in the work of the United Nations, especially in the liaison between youth and the international forums. She strongly believes in the idea of „impacting change”, no matter how clichédly this may sound, and that every singular positive action can result in a chain of other likewise actions. Therefore, she has as guiding principle the adapted proverb: „ The more like-minded people, the merrier!”. As an adjunct to the volunteer activity, she enjoys indulging herself into quality books, exploring everything that seems to be unacttractive at first sight, since the beauty hides in the most unexpected places, and acquiring skills from different linguistic backgrounds.

Dragoș Dănilă

is part of the new generation of volunteers of UN Youth Association Romania, Bucharest branch, holding responsibilities in the Marketing Department and student in his 1st year at the Faculty of Political Science. As volunteer and lately, as a youth worker, he is more than proud that he participated in local, national and international projects, in Romania and abroad, the most significant ones on the Erasmus+ program, not only as a participant, but also as a host and organizer. Non-formal education and projects are the main aspects of his daily life, strongly believing that human interactions mean everything. Structured dialogue, partnership, active participation and initiatives are his principal values that link people, making them talk, work and, eventually, live together. Dragoş, needless to say, is a strong supporter of European values and Operating Inclusion and Integration through Action and he dreams that one day he will be part of one of EU Structures. Ideas are priceless and have to be shared, communicated, and put in practice, life is more than what you learnt, it is about what you did and, more importantly, what you changed, obviously, in good.