The UN Youth Moot Courts is an academic simulation of the juridical procedures in front of the international courts, held in English and organized by the UN Youth Association of Romania. Being one of the most important projects of the association, its purpose is to give to the participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge of International law, European Union law and Human Rights. The competition is also a forum for students to acquire practical experience on how to prepare and present legal arguments and how to debate current legal and social issues.


The project aims at students from law faculties who will simulate different roles in three trials, one in each of the courts. Registrations are open for the roles of lawyers and judges.

Moot Courts 2018 will simulate the following courts: The International Court of Justice, The European Court of Human Rights and The Court of Justice of the European Union.

The project is currently being at its seventh edition and it will be held from 20 to 22 April 2018.

This year, he ECHR aims directly at francophone students, mostly the ones currently enrolled in the Collège Juridique Franco-Roumain des Etudes Européennes. If you are one of them there will be no admission procedure for this competition, the only condition is the submission of a the registration form.

The trials for ICC and ICJ will be held in English.  For the European Court of Human Rights he trial will be held exclussively in French. Applications are open for students who are studying/ have studied:

– International Public Law for ICJ

– International Relations, International Public Law and European Law for ECHR

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